Tubular Cast On for 1X1 and 2X2 Rib in the Round

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Whiletheyplay Опубликовано 20-02-2014

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Longtail Tubular Cast On for both 1X1 and 2X2 Ribbing worked in the round.
NO waste yarn required for this cast on!

NOTE: In order to create 2X2 ribbing (K2, P2), you have to first do a set-up for 1X1 (K1,P1) ribbing. This is just how it all works out. So please don't get frustrated when watching the video. We have to do one before we can do the other. ;)

There ARE some other ways to do a tubular cast on for Ribbing but this is MY personal preference. I am not saying this method is better than others. It's just the method I like the best. I hope you agree! If not, that's okay. Differences are what make the world go round, especially in the Knitting world.

Enjoy! :)