Weekend, 26 September pandemic update

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Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John Campbell Опубликовано 26-09-2020

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Cases, + 19, 247
Current symptomatic cases, 177, 054


32 universities with confirmed cases in UK

Manchester Metropolitan University

1,700 students will isolate for 14 days

99 at tested positive

Students isolating in halls


Scottish students banned from pubs and restaurants


We were told to come to university halls

48 people from across the country in one building

it was inevitable that it was going to spread

There's no reason for us to be here because everything is online.


Human challenge studies

UK first country to use technique

UK government said it was holding discussions



1796, influenza, malaria, typhoid fever, zika, dengue fever, cholera.

38,048 volunteers in 166 countries

Detailed prospective studies

First and second-generation vaccines


StandUpX seems to be organising protests


Metropolitan police, engaging with organisers throughout the week

15 officers injured last week

Commander Ade Adelekan

By flagrantly gathering in large numbers and ignoring social distancing, you are putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk


Black Canadians represented more


Toronto, May 20 to July 16

Black patients 21%

Population 9%

Researches looking at:

Work that people do

Living conditions, multigenerational homes.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Antibody studies


Cases, 7, 034, 433

(33 million)

Deaths, 203, 789


Bars and restaurants can fully reopen


Molecular Architecture of Early Dissemination and Massive Second Wave of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus in a Major Metropolitan Area (22nd September)

Virus has had plenty of chances


N = 5,085

Houston, Texas

Ethnically diverse region of 7 million

Genomes recovered in the earliest recognized phase (January 2020) and currently

Virus originally introduced into Houston many times independently

Virtually all strains in the second wave have Gly614 (aspartate to Glycine)
amino acid replacement in the spike protein

Receptor binding domain of spike protein

Linked to increased transmission and infectivity

Significantly higher virus loads in the nasopharynx on initial diagnosis

Relationship between virus genotypes and altered virulence

Machine learning analysis

Mortality was independently correlated, age

Mortality was independently correlated, Rh factor-positive blood (r = 0.22)


Cases 32, 589, 992

(x 10)

Deaths, 984, 432