Playboy TV The Man Season 1 Ep1

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PBTV The Man
PBTV The Man Опубликовано 22-12-2013

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The Man Playboy TV features 4 guys who are trying to prove to 2 ladies that they are The Man.

This is the first episode of the series and starts off with the four guys each putting a kiss on both of the ladies. After the first impression, one of the guys is eliminated.

The second part is a game. This involves body painting where some clothes are being removed. One of the guys has a bit if a foot fetish and loves to give foot massages.

The final part is called "The Close" where the two ladies get to spend 30 minutes alone with each of the guys. This is where they can get to know each other as much as they can.

After this, the two ladies decide who they think should be Playboy TV's The Man.

This is the first episode of Playboy The Man. See all 10 episodes uncensored here:

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