Robbie Firmin - Britain's Got Talent 2011 audition - - UK Version

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Britain's Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent Опубликовано 22-05-2011

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Britain's Got Talent: 7-year-old Robbie is here primarily to sing, but also to give his mum the best birthday present ever - winning Britain's Got Talent! This fearless young lad wants to make his family very proud of him - especially his aunty, who he immediately tries to set up on a date with judge Louis! In his tiny little suit, dwarfed by the enormous stage - Robbie doesn't let any of it get to him as he belts out his favourite song - My Way, even stopping to quieten the crowd as he hadn't finished yet! Will little Robbie's impressive talent be good enough for the finals of the competition, or will he be going home disappointed? How could you say no to that face?! See more at